Basic Guidance on Health Insurance

Health care                   providers like labs, hospitals and x-rays our the house of store which shares and access your health information with the doctors and using computers and other electronic devices makes your work easy for you. Using computers in this interesting way in today fast life is called health information technology or health IT.

Health information technology is a very useful technology. They are as follows eliminating the need for the handwritten medical records thus reducing the paper eliminates the mistakes of misreading of the doctors handwriting and also reducing medical errors by transmitting accurate information electronically. By decreasing the need of repeat medical tests by different doctors which in turn reduces the health care cost and eliminating both staff s time and hospitals storage space to maintain the medical records.improving your health care quality by decreasing the errors and assuring to have exact and accurate information of your health by your health care providers on time.

Throughout your health care system HIT plays a important role. Three important  IT of the types might affect your future as more of the consumers are opting and using personal health records   and more over the entire physician uses the latest electronic health record   and electronic prescribing (e-Rx)

Now let’s see about personal health record. A document with information regarding our health and (our family members health) which has to be updated everyday for reference and this effective document is called personal health record.Date of your children   , major illness, allergies,operations or most important the list of your family members medicines all this can be followed and tracked on using  .

are provided free from hospitals, doctors office, private companies and government.  ) is also very easy to use. Some company also charges there specific fees monthly or annually. You can manage your health information from anywhere if you have access to internet since your    is online. Due to electronic facility you can collect, share, manage and view your health information, and having a  it will help you to manage and take care of your health care more actively.

Electronic health record  is an latest method of designed for easy health care. An electronic health record is a document used by hospitals, your doctor, and the doctors staff which is on computer basis. Similar to your old paper medical chart,an  provides information from your doctors and also the other health providers. Health conditions. allergies, treatment medications and test all this information you will find in any typical  certain  have alerts provided for the test and treatment you undergoing,which is also benefited to the doctors.


Significance of Public Health for the Health Sector of Pakistan

Pakistan, as                          we all know is a developing country and we are currently going through lots of challenges and issues. These issues vary from terrorism, energy crisis and poverty to poorly developed education and health systems.

Health, which is the basic human right, has unfortunately not been our priority. This statement is supported by the fact that according to the World Health  2013 statistics, the health system of our country is currently ranked as 122 out of 190 countries. This is a very alarming figure especially considering the fact that one of our  countries Iran is ranked as 93 in the same list. This particular figure definitely draws our attention towards issues in the health sector which we are currently facing.

Firstly, we need to understand what is meant by health system. The health system does not only include hospitals and clinicians. It rather involves anything and everything which directly or indirectly affects the health of populations. The health system is composed of hospitals, environment, urban planning, food, nutrition and numerous other sectors which are directly or indirectly involved in determining the health of populations. What this means is the fact that by merely building new hospitals and producing more clinicians, we cannot make our health systems better. There has to be a multi- approach which needs to involve all the components of the health system.

The next and the most important factor to consider is that we need to reshape our current health system model. If we want to improve the health status of our population, we have to base our health system on the preventive approach rather than the curative approach, that is, we need to promote public health. The time has now come where we must come out of the downstream (clinician) approach and move towards upstream (public health) approach. This is the only way by which we can survive and can make the health status of our population better. We should reconsider and amend our current health policy and we will have to develop it on the model of public health. This is the need of the time and if we want to survive and compete with the world, we must follow the public health model instead of the clinician’s model.


Physician’s Salary – What is It?

In this new era                      of specialists, it’s getting harder and harder to find a doctor with a family practice. You know him – he’s the guy from years gone by who took care of your kids and gave you a check up when you needed it as well. You knew him on a first name basis and his phone number was always written next to the refrigerator. If you’re lucky, this is not just a fond memory. But for many people these days, having a general primary physician is something they’ve never known.

Even in Massachusetts, which has the highest ratio of physicians to patients in the entire country, people are having a hard time finding one who is accepting new patients. Is this the reality of modern day insurance and health maintenance   Of course, the numbers aren’t terrible. Even in that state, a full 60 percent of physicians were still accepting new patients. But that still means a full 40 percent of physicians have closed their books, having filled up their slate. Where are the others? Where are the new physicians, having completed their residencies and ready to set up their shop?

The problem is that many young physicians are choosing to go into  , rather than become primary care physicians. The national average percentage of specialists has risen to 64% in recent years, and the number is expected to continue climbing. Part of the issue is money. There is often a higher potential for a big salary in some of the   and this can look especially attractive to an individual who is probably going to be carrying around some massive student loans for the first half of his or her career. The other issue is the insurance companies. Without some major reform, students are going to continue avoiding the primary care field. The job entails enormous amounts of paperwork and red tape and few see any remedy for that in the new health care reforms coming down the pike.

So is this the end of the road for a Dr Family Practice? With hospitals taking over control of much of the emergency care and insurance companies causing the decline of new students going into the field, it very well could be. This is a shame, not just for nostalgic reasons but because the primary care physician is important for preventative medicine. Without them, people go to the doctor only when they are sick. This creates an additional burden on the health care industry. It’s not difficult to see that something needs to change.


Wannabe Sports Medicine Physicians – How To Become One

Who is a sports                      medicine physician? What does he or she do exactly? These are questions which are on the minds of many people who have recently heard of the term sports medicine physician. To become a sports medicine doctor one has to first be a physician and then undergo special training in sports medicine. Here the doctor concentrates on the long term health and fitness of his patients by helping them to overcome illness and injuries.

The main job of a sports physician is to help his patients to function at their peak level and prevent any untoward setbacks in their physical health which can affect their sports, school and working life.

These   doctors do not concentrate only on sportspeople and athletes but also people who take up training programs just to keep fit. What exactly does a sports medicine physician play in a person?s life? What qualifications are necessary for someone to become one?

A sports medicine physician doubles up not only as a general physician but also incorporates sports medicine into his treatment procedures so as to help prevent illness and help maintain perfect health of his clients.

Normally in any sports there is a team of doctors catering to the needs of the players and it is the sports medicine physician who normally heads the team of doctors. This team can be made of specialists in surgical procedures, sports trainers, therapists, coaches and others. All of them are experienced professionals who could have   in any one of the following fields like family practice, Emergency medicine,  internal medicine, rehabilitation and Physical medicine.

You will find that all sports medicine physicians would have completed an additional 1-2 years training in   subjects in sports medicine through fellowship programs which are accredited. After having completed their certificate in areas like Internal medicine, Family Practice,   or Emergency medicine, these professionals then become eligible to take up another special examination to qualify in the field of sports medicine.
These sports physicians then work to obtain more training in non-musculoskeletal areas like head injuries and their treatments, treating athletes with chronic illness like asthma and diabetes, in aspects of supplements, nutrition and performance based issues, and prevention of injuries.

Now having learnt what exactly a sports medicine physician does when it comes to treating in sports medicine the next step is to search for a qualified person in the field of sports medicine.

The best way to find a capable and qualified person in this field is through referrals. Seek the help of your family doctor, friends and those working along with you as they would provide the best advice. You can also take the help from athletes when searching for a good sports medicine physician.




Jobs for Internal Medicine and Family Practice

Doctors that                     in and practice internal medicine are called internists. It is a that deals with the diagnosis, management and non-surgical care and treatment of atypical or serious diseases. It has been indicated by physician recruitment firms that there is a high demand for internal medicine care providers as well as family medicine care providers, thus resulting in the rise in these jobs.

The population growth in urban, suburban and rural areas has been a factor in the demand for internists. There are more people that need medical care. Family physicians and other types of doctors have started to rely more on them due to the high demand of primary care. The need for the care of elderly people is another reason why these jobs are on the rise. Elderly people require diagnosis and treatment of conditions that internal medicine doctors have   in.

Family medicine is a medical discipline that deals with providing comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages. Physicians who practice this   need to be up-to-date on a broad range of disorders. They are primary care doctors whose main focus is preventative care as well as the promotion of overall health and well-being.

To become a doctor of internal medicine, one must:
Earn a high school diploma.

Attend college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree. Many people who want to become internists take courses in physics, biology,  and chemistry.

Register for and take the   exams. All medical schools will require the results of the test during the application process.

Apply for and submit the application to a medical school after receiving the   results.

Apply for and take the medical licensing exam. This has to be taken after medical school and before starting residency.

Apply for and complete a residency which can last up to 6 years. This is required of all doctors of medicine.

Look for a position in internal medicine.

To get family practice jobs, a physician must have a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. They must complete their undergraduate education, medical school and a family medicine residency. Family practice physicians also need to be aware of all the advancements made in their field and need to complete their education with experience over the years.