Wannabe Sports Medicine Physicians – How To Become One

Who is a sports                      medicine physician? What does he or she do exactly? These are questions which are on the minds of many people who have recently heard of the term sports medicine physician. To become a sports medicine doctor one has to first be a physician and then undergo special training in sports medicine. Here the doctor concentrates on the long term health and fitness of his patients by helping them to overcome illness and injuries.

The main job of a sports physician is to help his patients to function at their peak level and prevent any untoward setbacks in their physical health which can affect their sports, school and working life.

These   doctors do not concentrate only on sportspeople and athletes but also people who take up training programs just to keep fit. What exactly does a sports medicine physician play in a person?s life? What qualifications are necessary for someone to become one?

A sports medicine physician doubles up not only as a general physician but also incorporates sports medicine into his treatment procedures so as to help prevent illness and help maintain perfect health of his clients.

Normally in any sports there is a team of doctors catering to the needs of the players and it is the sports medicine physician who normally heads the team of doctors. This team can be made of specialists in surgical procedures, sports trainers, therapists, coaches and others. All of them are experienced professionals who could have   in any one of the following fields like family practice, Emergency medicine,  internal medicine, rehabilitation and Physical medicine.

You will find that all sports medicine physicians would have completed an additional 1-2 years training in   subjects in sports medicine through fellowship programs which are accredited. After having completed their certificate in areas like Internal medicine, Family Practice,   or Emergency medicine, these professionals then become eligible to take up another special examination to qualify in the field of sports medicine.
These sports physicians then work to obtain more training in non-musculoskeletal areas like head injuries and their treatments, treating athletes with chronic illness like asthma and diabetes, in aspects of supplements, nutrition and performance based issues, and prevention of injuries.

Now having learnt what exactly a sports medicine physician does when it comes to treating in sports medicine the next step is to search for a qualified person in the field of sports medicine.

The best way to find a capable and qualified person in this field is through referrals. Seek the help of your family doctor, friends and those working along with you as they would provide the best advice. You can also take the help from athletes when searching for a good sports medicine physician.



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