The costs to society consolidate taking care of roads land

The costs to society consolidate taking care of roads land use  road obstruct  xo auto air pollution, general prosperity, clinical benefits, and disposing of the vehicle around the completion of its life. Auto collisions are the main motivation for injury-related passings worldwide.

It become bothersome in Britain and is by and by used overwhelmingly in North America,[20] where the contracted construction “auto” by and large appears as a spellbinding word in compound game plans like “vehicle industry” and “auto mechanic”.[21][22] Both designs are at this point used in customary Dutch (auto/automobiel) and German (Auto/Automobil).[citation needed]

For the 2006 Pixar film, see Cars (film). For various usages, see Car (disambiguation) or Automobile (disambiguation).


2013-2016 Toyota Corolla (ZRE172R) SX vehicle (2018-09-17) 01.jpg

The Toyota Corolla is the raving success vehicle ever.

Classification Vehicle

Industry Various

Application Transportation

Fuel source Gasoline, diesel, vaporous petroleum, electric, hydrogen, sun based, vegetable oil

Powered Yes

Self-propelled Yes

Wheels 3–4

Axles 2

Inventor Karl Benz[1]

Invented 1886

The English word vehicle is acknowledged to start from Latin carrus/carrum “wheeled vehicle” or (through Old North French) Middle English carre “two-wheeled truck,” the two of which accordingly get from Gaulish karros “chariot.”[13][14] It at first implied any wheeled horse drawn vehicle, similar to a truck, carriage, or wagon.[15][16]

“Motor vehicle,” checked from 1895, is the standard customary term in British English.[3] “Autocar,” a variety also verified from 1895 and from a genuine perspective implying “self-incited vehicle,” is presently considered archaic.[17] “Horseless carriage” is affirmed from 1895.[18]

“Vehicle,” an old style compound got from Ancient Greek autós (αὐτός) “self” and Latin mobilis “adaptable,” entered English from French and was first embraced by the Automobile Club of Great Britain in 1897.[19

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