Making the Best of Your Tiny Kitchen

O.K., so you have a tiny kitchen, all you need is a bit of creativity! Sure, the space may seem limited, but all you have to do is look at the best way to utilize that space, and the best example for that, is a boat – that is right, a boat.

It is called a galley, and in a living space, it is called a galley kitchen. You do not need the big fridge or the big range or the big anything, you can have a tiny kitchen that is both functional and aesthetic, and a credit to your ingenuity.

There are all kinds of appliances where you can minimize the size while maximizing the function. Instead of the usual oven, there are wonderful electric ovens that re just bigger versions of a toaster oven, and for the fridge, bar fridge, if used properly will be more than adequate for the job.

It is all in the mind and from the mind comes the concept behind something. I mentioned a bar fridge before, and the first thing the uninitiated to small spaces think is how little it will hold. The reason for that is shopping, that is right, shopping. Most people buy a large once a week load and store it forever in their fridge and freezer. If you change that shopping habit to every day or twice a week, all you do is plan out what you want from one day to the next, and you buy what you need as you go, and that takes up very little space.

Microwaves are marvelous if you want to cook frozen foods of course, but these days, fresh are in, and if you go out and buy what you want, all you really need in one hot plate. Actually, if you watch the cooking shows, there are many chefs who delight in the variety of “One pot wonders” there are. There are the electric frying pans or combinations of those that offer a wide variety of choice and application.

Shelving can be accommodated too. If your shelf space is limited, and you want a space for canned goods, you can easily by the kind of do-it -yourself unit that you can put in your living space or wherever it fits best, all you have to do is re-think the box. Actually, people get inspired by seeing how creative some others can be when they have so called limitations, remember, necessity is the mother of invention, and the more creative you allow yourself to be, the better your result will be.

So, always size up your tiny kitchen, and then match it with what your needs are, it is easier than you think to adopt, adapt, and overcome, and the results you get are an infinite testimony to your ingenuity and your creativity. Tiny kitchens in boats have been around a long time, start with that, and let your imagination go!

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