Becoming A Better Player (Paving The Subconscious “Road” To Improvement)

If you’re like most serious players, you’re constantly thinking about what you can do to become better. Indeed, more than that, you’re likely doing targeted things to help yourself along in the direction of this state of “becoming better”.

You’re probably regularly hitting buckets at the driving range. Or, practicing on the putting range. Or, taking lessons with a teaching pro. Or, watching the newest swing instruction video. Or, reading the latest mental game book. Or, purchasing the newest engineered irons, driver, or putter.

But stop for a moment and think here; think purposefully about the following: Where is all this training, instruction and practice ultimately supposed to take you? Do you even know? Or, is it just a case where you’d say “Uh, it’s uh, supposed to make me ‘better’ “.

Ok. But what does this state of “better” mean? What does it entail – and entail for you? How do you know when you’re there? Do you see a change? Feel a change? Notice a change in your round play? Notice decided feedback and commentary from your foursome partners that you’re improving, and becoming more efficient?

And, does “better” mean shaving 1 or 2 strokes off your handicap? Does it mean you finally learned how to smoothly chip from the fringe so your ball lands near the pin? Does it mean you can play out of bunkers with some distance and direction? Does it mean you’ve developed a sense of increased confidence and control with your short game?

What does “better” mean to, and for…you?! Is it something you feel? Something you see? Or something you become?

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