Are You Getting Better?

Jim Rohn, a noted speaker and mentor to Tony Robbins, said, don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. He also said don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. The question for you is, are you getting better?

Some of you may be asking yourself better at what? While I could start to name a bunch of areas of ones life where we hope to get better, in this case the question is best left open ended waiting for the reader to fill in the blank. Another option would be to simply make the question and it’s answer more generic in nature. In other words are you getting better in general or even getting better at all.

Like me, many of us are challenged to recognized growth that has occurred in our lives. We often judge ourselves or hear the judgmental opinions of others around us that remind us that we are not where we think we should be or where we would like to be. Now if we are fair, in reality, we are probably growing. Perhaps we are not growing as quickly as we would like or as we think we should be but we are probably growing. If you don’t agree with this statement, it may be that you are not allowing yourself the opportunity to grow from not so favorable outcomes. As my mentor would say, “you either get the results you want or the lesson your need”.

Let’s back up to the judging ourselves comment above. We are often made aware of the fact that we should not judge others even though we often do it anyway. However there is often not enough attention placed on how we judge ourselves. Give yourself permission to be human and to grow at your own rate of growth. Don’t compare yourself to others. As one author put it, Be Yourself, Everyone else is already taken. Regarding getting better, once you have decided to accept yourself as you are but unwilling to stay where you are, you are then ready for growth.

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