What Are Microwave Hot Water Bottles?

The term microwave hot water bottle is a confusing term because it implies that there is some form of water heating that takes place in the bottle whilst it is in a microwave oven. Although given the name, this may sound reasonable; it is not exactly what happens. Yes, a microwave oven is typically required however there is very rarely any water involved at all. Trying to heat up water in a household microwave oven is highly dangerous and not recommended – seriously do not try it at home.

The use of the word water is Designer bottles uk  what you may call a transitional term due to a shift in consumer preference for products with the similar applications. In this case, the application is transportable heating products. The shift in preference from traditional hot water bottles to microwave body warmers has led to terms such as microwave hot water bottles being frequently used. Instead of water, microwave water bottles contain little grains or seeds which heat up and retain heat after a few minutes in the microwave oven. The heat which is initially stored in the grains or seeds is gradually released from within the bottle, keeping the user or those around him or her warm.

Nowadays, the term microwave hot water bottle is very vague and typically describes any heat providing device that can be heated up in a microwave regardless of whether it contains water. Since their invention towards the end of the last century, a vast range of designs and more specific applications have become available. For instance, at the beginning there were merely microwave hot water bottles but eventually this became a more generic term as there were designs for different parts of the body such as the neck, back, eyes, etc. At the same time the number of designs available grew ranging from animal designs for kids to floral patterns for females.

Due to their sudden and successful emergence over recent decades one would be unwise to suggest that their upwards trend will change any time soon. It is likely that we will continue to see innovation in this area on various fronts. Areas of innovation are likely to involve developments within wheat and seed production technology for improved retention of heat. There is also likely to be an increase in the sheer number of designs and styles. Nowadays, although they have not completely wiped out hot water bottles they are one of the most popular options available at this point in time.

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